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Holistic Oil Quality Management Solution​


Why Oil Management is Critical?

Today’s industry is under pressure to reduce Opex costs and still run critical equipment at 100% efficiency. We believe in smarter, efficient ways to maintain critical equipment and one of them is through the real-time monitoring of oil, which leads to over 54% of engine/equipment failures. Oil monitoring and cleaning is the most critical aspect of maintenance today, as it is the lifeblood of any machine. With bad oil, just like bad blood in our body, the machine will die! In addition, with climate change a looming monster on the horizon, we need to do our bit to help the planet be less dependent on environmentally harmful resources such as crude oil.

Challenges with Today’s Methods

Oil Monitoring is not given as much importance as it should be. Existing methods of oil monitoring such as lab analysis and particulate counting are time-consuming and inadequate. There is no quantifiable way to measure oil quality, so one cannot say if the oil is clean or not! Particulate Count is not adequate; it is just one parameter- like platelet count of the blood. Oil replacement periods are decided intuitively, without qualitative evidence. As a result, breakdowns still occur and maintenance costs continue to soar with costly oil replacements often lead to high Opex Costs. 

The Neptunus Solution

The Neptunus Solution for the holistic oil quality management comprises of Oil Cleaning + Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring. We believe, simply fitting a bypass oil cleaning system does not meet the primary requirement of ensuring oil is always clean and that the standard OEM recommended oil quality level is maintained. You need to measure oil quality also in real-time, to truly manage oil better. After all, you cannot manage what you do not measure! Hence Neptunus’ holistic oil management includes both, the measurement & cleaning technologies.

Overview of Our Technologies

  • By-Pass Kidney Loop Oil Cleaning System
  • Real-Time Oil Quality Sensors
  1. Employs bypass loop (kidney loop) to increase the effectiveness of filtration.
  2. It is a highly efficient filtration system (β3 >929), capable of removing water, solid particles, resins,
    oxidation sludge, varnish, and other organic contaminants from the oil.
  3. Oil Flow is axial, not radial like in the case of other filters.
  4. Uses a patented depth filtration technology to capture the maximum number of contaminants.
  5. Bypass filtration system enhances efficiency, as it operates on ideal conditions such as:
  • Reduced flow
  • Minimal pressure
  • No stress by flow and pressure pulsations

How Our Technology Works?

  1. The sensor generates an electric field within the oil.
  2. The ratio of capacitance and conductance of oil is calculated by the sensor.
  3. This ratio is compared with the Tan Delta oil database and a TDN (Tan Delta Number) is generated.
  4. TDN is a measure of exact oil quality. It ranges from 0 to 1200.


Benefits of Neptunus’ Oil Quality Management Solution

Purifies the oil continuously up to 3μ with Beta Ratio of more than  900  (99.94% efficiency), along with preventing oil oxidation (results in a minimum of 2x to 5x increase in oil life)

With clean oil, the overall life of the asset and life of individual components increase substantially.

Provides accurate real-time oil health data, through multiple output options.

Presents a numerical and visual indication for optimal change of oil along with operator friendly warning signals. 

It does not interfere with the performance of the machine, thus making it, operator and owner friendly.

Overall reduced consumption of oil: Increases oil life by 40%.