EMD (OEM) Authorized Engine Repair and Overhaul Services

EMD (OEM) Authorized Engine Repair and Overhaul Services

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We are an EMD OEM-authorized engine service provider, and we know the critical importance of keeping these engines in top condition, which is why we offer comprehensive EMD engine overhaul and repair services.

With an exclusive partnership spanning over 15 years, our dedicated team of skilled engineers and technicians proudly serves as India’s foremost repair service provider for EMD engines. Neptunus, boasting a remarkable 28 years of service experience, has become a trusted partner for marine vessel operators worldwide. 

Our team of over 27 highly skilled engineers possesses a wealth of expertise, particularly with EMD engines, ensuring that every repair and overhaul project is executed with the highest level of precision and attention to detail. With in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, they have worked on various overhaul and repair projects for marine vessels across India, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Our strong presence in major Indian dry-docking regions such as Mumbai, Cochin, Goa, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Haldia guarantees that our comprehensive maintenance solutions are readily available to our diverse and discerning clientele, providing top-notch service wherever it’s needed.

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Challenges in EMD Engine Repair and Overhaul

Repairing and overhauling EMD engines can present various challenges, including:

  • Shortage of Skilled Technicians: Finding and retaining experienced technicians with specialized knowledge in EMD engine repair and overhaul can be challenging, especially in remote locations.
  • Specialized Tool and Equipment Availability: Ensuring the availability of specialized tools and equipment required for EMD engine overhauls can be challenging. 
  • Long Lead Items Affecting EMD Engine Repair Schedules: One of the significant challenges faced in EMD engine repair is the long lead times associated with procuring specialized components or parts. These long lead items can severely impact the scheduling of repair and overhaul projects, leading to delays and extended downtimes.
  • Cost and Budget Constraints: EMD engine services can be capital-intensive, and organizations may face challenges in allocating sufficient budgets for technician training, equipment acquisition, and facility upgrades.

Why Choose Us for EMD Engine Repair and Overhaul Services?

OEM Authorized Service Provider

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Years of Experience

With 15+ years of OEM experience and Read more

Shortest Turnaround Time

We greatly value quick Read more

Remote and On-Site Support

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Genuine and Optimized Spare Parts List

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Utilization of Advanced Technology

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Repair & Overhaul Service Expertise with EMD Engine Models

EMD 8-645-E1 EMD 16-645-E4C/F4B EMD 20-645-E5 EMD 8-645-E8
EMD 12-645-E1 EMD 20-645-E4C/F4B EMD 8-645-E7 EMD 12-645-E8
EMD 16-645-E1 EMD 8-645-E5 EMD 12-645-E7 EMD 16-645-E8
EMD 8-645-E4C/F4B EMD 12-645-E5 EMD 16-645-E7 EMD 8-645-E9B
EMD 12-645-E4C/F4B EMD 16-645-E5 EMD 20-645-E7 EMD 12-645-E9B

Beyond Repair and Overhaul for Your EMD Engine

At Neptunus, our asset reliability solutions prioritize forming enduring strategic alliances with our clients and giving more attention to long-term objectives than transient projects. Our strategy is customising solutions to meet their unique requirements to guarantee operational effectiveness in a way that is dependable, affordable, and long-lasting. We use the newest technology available to meet maintenance difficulties head-on.

Today, we’ve provided our clients with the following advantages thanks to the use of our unique dual-class (ABS and IRS) approved engine condition trend monitoring and our holistic oil quality management system which includes a real time oil condition monitoring sensor, continuous kidney loop oil filtration system :

  • Save anywhere between ~$20,000 and $60,000+ in overhaul costs for engines (approximately over 30% of overhaul costs).
  • Prevent unplanned downtime.
  • Improve fuel combustion efficiency. 
  • Reduce and offset carbon emissions to achieve your ESG goals.
  • Reduce your Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions to achieve your decarbonization and ESG goals.
  • Better plan maintenance requirements, especially for assets located in inconvenient locations.

If you are looking to achieve similar goals for your company, book a “discovery call” with our experts to understand how we can help you.


In addition to our EMD engine services, we are an authorized service provider for niigata engine overhaul services and an independent service provider for CAT diesel engine repair services , offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the marine and oil & gas industry. Our machinery repair and overhaul services cover a broad range, including main engine engine repair , propulsion system repairs, and genset repair. With our expert team, we guarantee top-notch service and reliability for all your machinery needs, from engines to propulsion systems and beyond.

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Other Engine Maintenance and Repair Services

The machines reliability in maintenance is critical for ensuring smooth operations in the marine industry, with effective management resulting in less downtime and higher equipment reliability. Maintenance is critical to effective asset management.

Several factors influence asset performance, including wear and tear, malfunctioning components, environmental degradation, safety concerns, efficiency decline, regulatory adherence, and unplanned downtime. Effective ship engine maintenance services not only extend the life of critical equipment but also ensure the maritime industry’s sustainability.

As an OEM-authorized maintenance service provider for EMD marine engines, we guarantee peak performance through repair and overhaul services. Our experience ensures that EMD engines are maintained in optimum condition, reducing downtime and increasing operating efficiency for our clients. In addition to EMD engines, we provide maintenance services for the other recognized marine engine brands listed below.

  • Maintenance and repair services for Niigata engines.

As an OEM-authorised Niigata engine service and repair provider, we offer all types of service repairs for Niigata marine engines, such as repair, overhaul, inspection, and diagnostics.

  • Cat engine MRO services

With a staff of 27+ skilled technicians, including 6+ CAT engine repair specialists, we offer Caterpillar engine repair services that follow OEM manual specifications, resulting in outstanding results.

  • Yanmar engine repair and overhaul services.

We are an independent Yanmar engine service provider committed to increasing the longevity of your engine.

  • MAN Engine Maintenance Services

Neptunus is a recognized independent service provider for MAN engine overhaul and repair services, known for its superior level of competence.

In the dynamic marine industry, the diverse machinery uses customized maintenance solutions to maintain operational reliability. At Neptunus, we understand the criticality of this personalized approach to ensuring marine equipment’s peak performance and durability. Drawing on our expertise and cutting-edge practices, we not only ensure the reliability of these assets but also minimize the potential threats posed by unexpected downtimes.
Our extensive range of marine equipment maintenance services, outlined below, is tailored to meet the distinct needs of diverse marine equipment.

  • Marine Diesel Engine Repair Services

Maintaining the reliability of marine diesel engines is paramount. Our comprehensive engine repair services swiftly address any issues, ensuring seamless operation and peak performance at sea.

  • Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul Services

Diesel engine overhauling is key to longevity and performance. Our services reduce breakdown risks, minimizing repair costs and bolstering the dependability of marine assets.

  • Gearbox Maintenance Services in Marine

Neptunus offers gearbox maintenance solutions that curb wear, prevent component failures, and extend equipment lifespan. Our services enhance overall asset reliability and efficiency.

  • Marine Clutch Maintenance Services

Regular marine clutch maintenance guarantees smooth operation, preventing premature wear and slippage. This ensures the prolonged reliability and efficiency of critical propulsion systems.

  • Bow-Thruster Maintenance and Repair Services

Timely bow thruster repair enhances operational health and reduces downtime risks. Trust us for optimized performance and reliability.

Aside from marine maintenance, we additionally specialize in Main engine spare parts for well-known companies such as CAT, EMD (OEM Authorized), and Niigata (OEM Authorized).
As an authorized spare parts supplier, we offer genuine emd parts. With an extensive inventory encompassing EMD and various engine spare parts, we cater to diverse client requirements. We take pride in offering authentic engine spare parts to our maritime clientele at competitive prices, prioritizing both quality and affordability.