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MAN Marine Services, by Neptunus, encompasses expert overhaul and repair solutions that are designed to uphold engine efficiency. We understand the critical importance of MAN engines in the maritime industry, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring optimal performance and longevity through our comprehensive services.

 With a total of 3 decades of service experience and a team of more than 27 highly skilled engineers, we have worked on various marine vessel projects, honing our expertise in overhaul and repair operations.

At Neptunus, we take pride in the quality of our overhaul services for MAN engines. With a dedicated team of 6+ MAN experts, we ensure strict adherence to OEM maintenance guidelines, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your assets.

We are an independent  MAN engine service provider aimed at enhancing the reliability of your engines. Our engineers provide on-site support for overhauls, fault diagnosis, commissioning, and alignments, whether offshore or onshore. Alternatively, we offer MAN engine repair services at our dedicated workshop in Mumbai. Furthermore, we back our work with a 6-month warranty on all completed engine repairs of the MAN engine.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional services. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, optimize spare parts usage, and streamline the scope of work to minimize downtime and reduce overall maintenance costs. Our comprehensive approach encompasses not only repairs but also the implementation of innovative solutions to maximize the reliability and longevity of your MAN engines.

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Challenges in MAN Engine Repair and Overhaul Services?

  • Complexity of the engines: Wartsila engines are complex machines with many moving parts. This complexity can make it difficult to diagnose problems and perform repairs.
  • Specialized skills and tools: Working on these engines requires technicians with specialized skills and knowledge of Wartsila’s specific maintenance procedures. Additionally, specialized tools are often needed for disassembly, repair, and reassembly.
  • Cost of parts and labor: Genuine Wärtsilä spare parts can be expensive, and the labor required for repairs and overhauls can be significant.
  • Planning and logistics: Wartsila engine services are major undertakings that require careful planning and coordination. This includes scheduling downtime, procuring parts, and ensuring qualified personnel are available.
  • Remote location challenges: For engines operating in remote locations, like offshore platforms, transporting technicians, tools, and spare parts can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, troubleshooting and diagnostics can be more complex due to limited on-site resources.

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Beyond Repair and Overhaul for Your MAN Engine

At Neptunus,our asset reliability solutions asset reliability management and maintenance solution is committed to forging lasting strategic partnerships with our clients, not just completing short-term projects. Our approach involves tailoring solutions to their needs, playing a vital role in achieving their overarching goals of operational efficiency in a cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable manner. We tackle maintenance challenges head-on using the most advanced technology available to us.

Today, thanks to our proprietary dual-class (ABS and IRS) approved condition trend monitoring for engine and our holistic oil quality management solution which includes a condition monitoring for oil , continuous kidney loop oil filter system , we’ve been able to assist our clients in:

  • Saving anywhere between ~$20,000 and $60,000+ in engine overhaul costs (around 30% savings).
  • Preventing unexpected downtime.
  • Enhancing fuel combustion efficiency.
  • Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions to meet your ESG objectives.
  • Complying with the IMO’s EEXI Regulation.
  • Improving maintenance planning, especially for assets situated in challenging locations.

If your company aims to achieve similar milestones, schedule a “discovery call” with our experts to learn how we can assist you.

In addition to our MAN engine services, we are an independent service provider for wartsila engine service services and for caterpillar engines repair services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the marine and oil & gas industry. Our machines repair and overhaul services for cover a broad range, including main diesel engine repair , propulsion system repairs, and genset repair. With our expert team, we guarantee top-notch service and reliability for all your machinery needs, from engines to propulsion systems and beyond.

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Repair and Overhaul Service's Expertise with MAN Engine Models

MAN L+V48/60CR MAN L21/31
MAN L+V32/44CR MAN 12V28/33D
MAN PA6 B OG​ MAN 16 V28/33D
​MAN V28/33D STC​ MAN 20 V28/33D
​MAN L27/38 MAN 12 PA6 BOG

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