Asset Reliability Management Solution


What Is Asset Reliability Management?

Asset Reliability Management (ARM) is a comprehensive approach that ensures the efficient and reliable performance of equipment and other assets within an organization. This involves planning maintenance using predictive maintenance technologies to prevent breakdowns and minimize downtime.

The ultimate goal of ARM is to maximize asset availability, performance, and productivity while minimizing maintenance costs and reducing the risk of failure. By implementing ARM strategies and techniques, organizations can improve their operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

Importance of Asset Reliability Management

Enhanced Asset Reliability​


Asset reliability management
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Higher Machine Uptime​


The ARM maximizes machine uptime and Read more

Better Maintenance Planning​

Better Maintenance Planning

Improve maintenance Read more

A Higher Level Of Customer Satisfaction​

A Higher Level Of Customer Satisfaction

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Reduction In Maintenance Costs​

Reduction In Maintenance Costs

This system reduces the cost of Read more

Strengthen Operational Safety​

Strengthen Operational Safety

It identifies potential safety hazards and Read more

Increased Sustainability​


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Enhanced Safety


Utilize data and insights to make Read more

How Is Asset Reliability Management Done In Neptunus’ Way?

At Neptunus, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine the traditional principles of mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. Our cutting-edge solutions empower asset operators to detect emerging faults in their equipment several months in advance. This, in turn, enables them to make smarter, economically and environmentally optimal maintenance decisions that increase both the efficiency and lifespan of their critical equipment.

Our ultimate objective is to help our customers move further left on the PF curve, as depicted in the graph below. Neptunus’ asset reliability management solution will enable the detection of emerging faults much earlier compared to conventional maintenance methods such as linear vibration. By doing so, they have more time to take corrective action before the equipment reaches its breakdown point.

Asset Reliability Management Solution At Neptunus

Condition Monitoring System

Condition monitoring is a maintenance strategy that collects data on the machine’s condition using sensors to detect potential issues. 

Oil Quality Management Solution

Oil quality management solutions enhance oil and engine performance through continuous oil cleaning with depth filtration and sense oil quality changes in real-time based on 22 parameters

Engine, Propulsions System Maintenance 

Trusted partner for maintenance, and service of engines, propulsion systems, and auxiliary equipment from leading brands including Niigata (OEM Authorized), EMD (OEM Authorized), CAT, MAN, Wartsila, and Yanmar.

Torque Sense: Torque and Power Measurement

Torque sense offers precise torque and power measurement with unmatched reliability, no speed limits, and enhanced emission control.

Engine, Propulsions System Spare Parts

Trusted partner for genuine parts for engines, propulsion systems, and auxiliary equipment from leading brands including Niigata (OEM Authorized), EMD (OEM Authorized), and CAT.

Highlights Of Our Asset Reliability Management Solution

Intelligent Maintenance Services

Intelligent Maintenance Services

By leveraging our team's expertise and utilizing advanced
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Custom Curation of the Spares List

Custom Curation of the Spares List

We procure genuine spare parts directly from original equipment
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Complete picture of maintenance


More data points help you make an accurate prediction.
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Early warning of defects


Our Torsional vibration monitoring system can give a very
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Adequate Window for Maintenance Preparation

Adequate Window for Maintenance Preparation

Neptunus' asset reliability management approach allows
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lloT & Industry 4.0

lloT & Industry 4.0

Connectivity and communication between different systems
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A simplified user interface empowers the operator on the shop
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Industries We Serve

Our solutions for tug boats, offshore supply vessels, ports and dockyards, and sea-going vessels’ engines and propulsion systems help optimize engine health, reduce downtime.

We provide asset reliability solutions for offshore rigs, land rigs, processing platforms, and drilling platforms to reduce downtime and extend equipment lifespan.

Our solutions help maintain critical equipment for the Indian Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force to improve operational readiness.