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For medium speed diesel engines used in the maritime industry, valve seat grinding is a critical maintenance procedure. The valve seats are the surfaces where the valves close. Over time, these surfaces can become pitted and damaged from the extreme heat and pressure inside the engine cylinders. This can lead to compressed air leaking past the valves, reducing the engine’s efficiency and performance.

A proper valve seat grinder restores the precise mating surface between the valves and seats. This allows for complete sealing when the valves are closed, optimizing the compression ratio and combustion process. Grinding also removes any pits or grooves that can lead to premature valve stem and seat wear.

Traditionally, valve seats were ground manually using specialized tools and abrasive grinding stones. This labor-intensive process relied heavily on the skill and experience of the technician performing the work. Inconsistencies in the angle, concentricity, and surface finish were common downsides.

To achieve fast, accurate, and consistent results, industry players can now rely on Neptunus’ portable valve seat grinding services. We use the VSL ( Valve Seat Lathe) tool by Chris Marine, which is a specialized tool designed specifically for machining valve seats on medium speed diesel engines, both onboard ships and in workshops ashore.

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Why choose Neptunus for Valve Seat Grinding?


Our Neptunus valve seat grinding Read more

Precision and

With pre-set angles and dowel pin precisionRead more


Our equipment, Valve Seat Lathe (VSL), Read more

Comfortable Working

Our machine operates at a low noise level,Read more

Experience and

Backed by our experience and expertise, Read more

Surface Damage

OWe are capable of effectively eliminating surface damageRead more


The self-centering mechanism of VSLRead more

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Features of the Valve Seat Lathe Machine

  • Automatic Feed: The Chris marine valve seat grinder has an automatic feed for the cutting stroke, ensuring consistent and precise angles.
  • Precision Angle Setting: Utilizes dowel pins for precision angle setting, eliminating errors in the machining process.
  • Surface Damage Elimination: Capable of eliminating surface damages on valve seats for improved performance.
  • Self-Centering Mechanism: Features a self-centering mechanism for precise alignment of valve seats, reducing setup time.
  • Adjustable Machining Speed: A stepless, adjustable machining speed allows customization for different applications and materials.

Engine Models Covered by Valve Seat Grinder Services

  • Niigata-25HX
  • Niigata-26HLX
  • Niigata-28HX
  • Niigata-28HLX
  • Niigata-28AHX
  • Wartsila 32
  • MAN-32/40 And More

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Advantage of Valve Seat Grinding machinery by Valve Seat Lathe (VSL)
over conventional approaches(Lapping and grinder machines)

Our Method Conventional Methods
Aspect Valve Seat Lathe Lapping Grinder machines
Method Recommended by OEMs for single line contact development Not recommended by most OEMs, but still used conventionally Uses grinding method
Surface Damage Removal Can eliminate all pitting and surface damages Can remove pitting and surface damages Can remove pitting and surface damages
Precision Precision angle setting with dowel, minimizing errors Precision depends on operator skill and care Operator-dependent precision
Time Efficiency Time-saving, typically saving 2 to 4 hours per valve seat Time-consuming, can take many hours per valve seat Time-consuming
Equipment Reliability Quality and safety of components and equipment emphasized Not specified Aging machines may affect quality
Method Automatic feed of cutting stroke, precise angle setting Uses lapping paste and manual process Uses grinding method

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Technical Specification of Valve Seat Lathe (VSL)

Machine Capacity Up to 96 mm valve stem diameter
Weight 250 kg
Max Dimensions H: 1300 – 1700 mm, W: 700 – 960 mm
Electric Power Supply 3-phase 220 – 250 V 50/60, Hz 3-phase 380 – 440 V 50/60 Hz
Noise Level 81 dB (A) / 80 dB (C)
Normal Grinding Time 10 – 20 min
Power Requirement 1.3 kW
Method Automatic feed of cutting stroke, precise angle setting

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