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Each of us at Neptunus strives to seek excellence by displaying QVC at work: Delivering consistently high-quality service to our customers, doing so within agreed timelines and costs. We appreciate each other’s’ efforts towards this endeavour every Friday in our weekly celebration debrief where we openly acknowledge a fellow Neptunite’s good deed for the week. We also reward a ‘Star of the Month’ on our ‘Wall of Fame’, as well as celebrate sustained high-performing contributors once a year, through monetary and non-monetary tokens. We breed a culture of high performance and appreciation, and this is one of the cornerstones of Neptunus’ culture.
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The philosophy at Neptunus is that learning never stops. Each of us has designated time-slots every month for a private 1-1 coaching session with our respective line managers. Coaching sessions are based on two-way feedback mechanisms between employees and their line managers. At Neptunus, there is also an emphasis on external coaching and training: be it Shiv Khera’s iconic sales workshops, Kaizen Institutes’s lessons on operational excellence, or expert NLP practitioners helping us become better versions of ourselves, each of us at Neptunus have access to coaching, development and training tools that help us become better professionals.

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We expect that everyone who works at Neptunus will assume a leadership role Our people are our greatest assets. In order for them to thrive and maximize their potential, it is imperative for us at Neptunus to create an environment in which they feel comfortable to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas. In a No-Cabin, Open Door culture, everyone is empowered to approach colleagues, line managers and promoters on a first name basis. At Org-Wide events, no topic is off-limits: we discuss issues ranging from hiring policies to corporate strategy as we believe every team member at Neptunus has an equal right to be heard and feel part of a common purpose.

Why Choose Neptunus

As Neptunus grows, we realize the need to attract the best people. We are committed to make working at Neptunus an enriching and enjoyable experience, and to make Neptunus one of the best places to work in India. We want people who are bright, driven and willing to play a crucial role in our growth story. We expect that everyone who works at Neptunus will assume a leadership role in the organization. We truly believe that technology and skills are replicable, but our people and culture differentiate us. We are united in our drive to become amongst the best places to work in India – through empowerment, transparency and an emphasis on high performance.

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What Our Team Members Say

Spending 8 years in one company is a proud feeling because it proves your loyalty, hard work and your contribution towards the company. It has only been possible because of the trust my company has had in me. I am very thankful to team Neptunus for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family.

Mangesh Tikle

Working with Neptunus is a great experience. I got an opportunity to work as an EA to MD and Admin Manager: the two biggest roles in my career. It helped me in developing self as the roles were challenging and interesting. I have received tremendous support and mentoring from the Senior Management team which has helped me prove my worth in Neptunus!
At Neptunus, people motivate each other and help them excel. An open culture organisation where we can discuss our hurdle/s with our Line Managers, receive feedback and coaching, and help each other get better!
With great belief and with great team we Neptunites will achieve our vision of becoming the Best Service Organization in the world
I am proud to be a Neptunite as I think that I fit in our core values. Accountability, Excellence, Integrity, Safety, Stakeholder Delight and Teamwork.

Gautami Kale

Working with Neptunus has been one of the best decisions in my career. Neptunus gave me the exposure that I needed to grow as an HR professional. I started off with doing only recruitment and then within a span of 1.3 years, I am handling training, Employee Engagement, Reward and recognition, HR Initiatives along with recruitment. About the people, being a simple employee of Neptunus I can only say that if you join Neptunus you will have a definite career path, will be given total empowerment to do your tasks, will be rewarded on your performance and trained on your gaps. All in all, you will thoroughly enjoy working in Neptunus.

Bonhishikha Dasgupta