At Neptunus, we are dedicated to providing sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective maintenance solutions. With years of OEM expertise and the integration of the most advanced, tried, and tested technology, we strive to set new standards for engine and propulsion system maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to deliver peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their assets are in safe hands and their operations are optimised for efficiency and reliability.

Our Recipe For Peace Of Mind

More than double the life of lube oil. (1)

Safely 2x The Interval Of Lube Oil Drain

Pinpoint Existing And Emerging Faults At The Component Level.

Quickly Identify Emerging & Exisiting Faults At The Component Level

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Reduce Your Costs On Spares, Fuel, Lube Oil Maintenance, Dry Docking, And More.

Solve Spare Parts Delays & Last Minute Surprises

Access To Genuine Spare Parts For Niigata, EMD, And CAT

Access to Highly Skilled Manpower With Years Of OEM Expertise.

Diesel engine maintenance

We aim to drive positive change by introducing innovative methods that will transform maintenance practices in the marine, oil and gas, industrial, and defence sectors. We aim to revolutionise the industry’s approach to maintenance by shifting its focus:

  • From time-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance
  • From standard maintenance practises for all to customised recommendations for each
  • From experiential assumptions to data-driven decisions
  • From higher dry docking days to focusing on a quicker turnaround time
  • From uncertain outcomes to reliable results

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Engine condition monitoring system

Engine condition monitoring system is an advanced, class-approved technology that identifies existing and emerging faults months in advance, giving enough time to prevent any catastrophic unplanned breakdown

Oil quality management solution

Oil quality management solutions enhance oil and engine performance through continuous oil cleaning with depth filtration and Senses oil quality changes in real time based on 22 parameters

Engine, Propulsions System Maintenance And Spare Parts

Trusted partner for genuine parts, maintenance, and service of engines, propulsion systems, and auxiliary equipment from leading brands including Niigata (OEM Authorized), EMD(OEM Authorized), CAT, MAN, Wartsila, and Yanmar.”

TorqueSense: Torque and Power Measurement

Torque sense offers precise torque and power measurement with unmatched reliability, no speed limits, and enhanced emission control.

Industries we serve

Oil Land Rigs

Oil and Gas

  • Offshore Rigs
  • Land Rigs
  • Processing Platforms
  • Drilling Platforms

Oil and Gas

Ports and Dockyards


  • Tug Boats
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Ports and Dockyards
  • Sea-Going Vessel



Industrial Power Plants


  • Power Plants
  • Steel & Cement Processing
  • Automotive & Glass Manufacturing
  • Fertilizers & Refineries
  • Data Centres


Navy Defence


  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • CoastGuard
  • Air Force



Projects We Have Done


Oil Condition Monitoring

For our Caterpillar engines onboard our different drilling rigs, we have been replacing engine lube oil every 1000 hours. Post installation of Neptunus’ Oil Quality Management System (Triple-R + Tandelta), lube oil life has been extended to 1800 hours.

Sr. Purchase Manager, Procurement
Offshore jack up rig in India


"Neptunus is the preferred partner for the maintenance. We rely on the knowledge, and skills of their expert service engineers."

General Manager, Technical (Ol)
Offshore Rig Operator in India

For Spare Parts

"Neptunus arranged for the required spare from Niigata on a priority basis and finished the job within the stipulated time without getting deterred by the weather challenges."

AVP, Regional Office
Tug operator in India


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Awards and Recognition