Asset Reliability Management Solutions that provide you with real-time, IIOT-enabled machine health monitoring to predict failures - similar to detecting cancer at Stage Zero!

Neptunus eliminates the need for major overhauls, extends MTBO and delivers engine health trends by combining foundations of mechanical engineering with new age predictive maintenance technologies.

We deliver end-to-end turnkey EPC projects (MEP, HVAC) through reliable design engineering of operator-friendly DG-based backup power plants for Data Centres, Industrial CCPs, Oil Rigs, and Engines Test Cells.

Exporting over 2000 tonnes of the high-quality recycled metal alloys, annually to more than 15 countries with a commitment to quality and on-time delivery at the best competitive price.

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Neptunus: A smarter way to maintain critical machines

Neptunus is one of India’s leading engineering service provider and mid-sized EPC contractors and our engineering prowess is based on successfully completing 2000 assignments over 24 years: ranging from shifting and setting up power plants, overhauling engines on drilling platforms & sea-going vessels, designing end-to-end solutions for the maintenance of critical rotary equipment in industry and EPC project consultancy for building back power-systems for data centers.

At Neptunus, we are driven by a better way to do maintain large, mission-critical assets using cutting edge predictive maintenance technology that enables asset operators to detect emerging faults in their machines in advance, reduce the threat of an unplanned shutdown, extend equipment life, and conserve the use of valuable resources such as Lube Oil.

Neptunus’ technology-focused maintenance solution revolves around two pillars: Torsional Vibration Analysis and Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring. In addition, our solution is IIOT-Enabled, wherein asset operators can qualitatively monitor the real-time condition of their assets remotely 24*7 over the Cloud, automate alarms based on live data about their oil in their machines and the real-time health of other critical components such as bearings and gearboxes.

Neptunus Oil & Gas maintainance


Early Warning Machine Health Monitoring
  • Early Warning Machine Health Monitoring: Detect Cancer at Stage Zero!
  • Torsional Vibration Analysis: 3x more sensitive and effective than linear vibration
  • Oil Filtration Solutions: 3 micron/0.1 micron with an accuracy of 99.75%!
  • Real-time Oil Condition Monitoring using full spectrum holistic (FSH) sensor technology
  • Industry 4.0 ready  and IIOT Enabled solution for remote asset integrity management
Engine and Ship Repair Solutions
  • Exclusive Niigata Distributors in India and South Asia for over a decade
  • Niigata authorized global stockists for long lead time items
  • Strong CAT Engines service expertise, with guaranteed genuine spare parts
  • Propulsion System Repairs: Z-Pellers, Gearboxes, Clutches, Winches, and Pumps
  • Get engine health trends, optimize fuel costs, and receive customized spare parts requirements
  • Extend MTBO safely, based on reliable machine health data
Design engineering
  • Design engineering, procurement, and construction of greenfield and brownfield diesel and gas engine backup power plants 
  • MEP, HVAC & Piping Projects for Industrial and commercial infrastructure
  • Building diesel engine test cells above 250 kVA, with an option for multi-make engine test cells.    
Checking Metal Alloy
  • Global player in sourcing & supplying the superalloys, titanium CP Grade & titanium Alloys, and non-ferrous scrap metal.
  • Exporting over 2000 tones of material to more than 15 countries.
  • Fully equipped warehouses and processing facilities in India and the UAE.
  • High quality cleaned & tested furnace-ready material that is free of attachment, coating, oil and cut-to-size, weight, and composition specifications.
  • Committed to delivering on the promise for seamless, hassle-free customer experience.

Here to help for any of our Solutions that adds value to your business

Industries we serve

Oil Land Rigs

Oil and Gas

  • Offshore Rigs
  • Land Rigs
  • Processing Platforms
  • Drilling Platforms

Oil and Gas

Ports and Dockyards


  • Tug Boats
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Ports and Dockyards
  • Sea-Going Vessel


Industrial Power Plants


  • Power Plants
  • Steel & Cement Processing
  • Automotive & Glass Manufacturing
  • Fertilizers & Refineries
  • Data Centres


Navy Defence


  • Navy
  • Coast guard
  • Defence R&D




Turnkey EPC Project Solution - Kenyan Navy Multi-Engine Test Cell Project

Neptunus displayed a huge knowledge of the topic in design, and the project has turned into a “state-of-the-art” test cell rebuild. Throughout the whole project, Neptunus have proved themselves as a very professional, competent and trustworthy company, which I have no hesitation in recommending

John Aeroe Hansen - Commander S. G.
Danish Liaison Officer to Kenya Navy

Engine Lifecycle Management Solution - Svitzer, Denmark

Rendering valuable assistance to the Svitzer Head Office's Operation / Technical / Newbuilding Departments in completing satisfactory Svitzer Fleets / main engine propulsion TCO estimations over a given Life Cycle Cost (LCC) period. Highly competitive.

Jorgen Jorgensen
Svitzer, Denmark

Metal Recycling Solution - Teignbridge Propellers

Many businesses speak about forging partnerships between suppliers and customers. At Teignbridge, we have tried this in the past with companies in various fields of business. It has not always been successful. However, I believe that our respective businesses enjoy the benefits of a true partnership. I can see no reason for this situation to change in the coming years.

David Hunt
Teignbridge Propellers

Surface Protection Solution - Indian Navy

M/s. Neptunus Power Plant Services Pvt. Ltd. carried out the surface protection coating of the buckets on the vessel Tango-26 of Indian Navy, using the highly advanced MetaLine surface protection coating material and its spray gun application technology. The vessel Tango-26 was docked after 9 months of MetaLine application and it was found that the MetaLine coating was fully intact and there was no corrosion and cavitation on the buckets. We are satisfied and would like to appreciate the Neptunus team for their professional performance during the whole job. Thanks again and hope our business relationship will last forever.

Capt. Subrato Mandal
Indian Navy

Z-peller Maintenance Solution - L&T Shipyard

I appreciate on time and satisfactory completion of an assignment involving the overhauling of the z-peller and servicing of the clutch assembly done by the Neptunus team. The job was completed well before schedule by their team and their workmanship quality, and housekeeping practices were excellent 

R. Krishnamoorthy Asst. General Manager - Machinery
L&T Shipyard

Projects We Have Done

Engine Health Diagnostics Prior to Overhaul enabled ~$900,000 in Revenue over six months & saved ~$20,000 due to extension of overhaul by 2000 hrs
CUSTOMER: Land rig operator in India
EQUIPMENT: Caterpillar make diesel engines
ARM SOLUTION: Engine Health Diagnostics through torsional vibration solution

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Offline Lube Oil Filtration unlocks potential savings of ~$60,000 per rig over three year contract period
CUSTOMER: Jack up rig operator in India
EQUIPMENT/PROCESS: Caterpillar make diesel engines
ARM SOLUTION: Offline filtration system in kidney-loop configuration

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Timely remote support in lockdown situation saved ~$37,000 for a supply vessels
CUSTOMER: Fleet operator of supply vessels for drilling and marine support services
EQUIPMENT/PROCESS: Vessel tug boat
ARM SOLUTION: Caterpillar make C18 Engine

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