EMD Engine Spare Parts

Neptunus is the sole authorized distributor for the renowned engine brand EMD (A Caterpillar Company, USA). We specialize in supplying genuine EMD spare parts.We recognize that the lifeline of your engine lies in the authenticity of its spare parts, ensuring unparalleled reliability, sustainability, efficiency, and overall performance.

Our seasoned team of experts, boasting decades of profound knowledge of EMD engines, is dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of engine components. We pride ourselves on being able to guide you seamlessly to the precise brand of engine spare parts that aligns with the unique needs of your fleet. At Neptunus, we don’t just offer parts; we deliver peace of mind and operational assurance.

Neptunus ensures emergency EMD spare availability for uninterrupted operations and offers discounted EMD engine parts, combining quality with cost-effectiveness. Our distinct edge lies in better pricng and a quicker turnaround for long-lead-time items, acknowledging the urgency of your needs without compromising on affordability or efficiency.

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EMD Engine Spare Parts Offering at Neptunus:

Complete EMD New engine

Complete New Engine

As authorized distributors of EMD, we present a range of brand-new EMD engines. Read more

Engine Overhaul Kits

Neptunus offers extensive overhauls and top overhaul packages for EMD engines,Read more

Repaired Spare Parts

We concentrate on boosting sustainability with EMD engines and their spare parts Read more

Upgrades and Retrofits

We focus on enhancing sustainability with the Niigata engine and its spare parts Read more

Spare Parts Optimization

In the procurement of EMD engine parts, our team ensures that customers receive precisely what they require. Leveraging our proprietary ABS-approved engine monitoring condition , we accurately determine their specific needs. This refined methodology not only streamlines inventory management but also reduces expenses, providing a personalized and effective solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of each EMD engine.

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Why Buy EMD Engine Spare Parts From Neptunus?

High-Quality CAT Genuine Parts

Specially Discounted Niigata EMD Spare Parts

Competitive Pricing

Genuine And High-Quality Spare Parts From Our Consumable Stock List

Quicker Turnaround For Long-Lead-Time Items

Quick Response Through In-House EMD Expertise

Emergency EMD Spares Availability

Valid Warranty And Support

Optimize Cat Spare Parts List for Overhauls

Optimize The Spare Parts List For Overhauls

Complete support for EMD engines especially for 645 Engines and 710 series.

Complete Support for EMD Rngines Especially for 645 Engines and 710 series.

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EMD Assets Spare Parts

  • EMD Main Engine Parts:

We offer a wide array of EMD main engine spare parts, guaranteeing reliable performance and an extended lifespan customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • EMD Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts:

As an authorized distributor of genuine spare parts of EMD, we provide a high quality spares for your auxiliary engines.

We have Spare Parts for the following EMD Engine Model number:

EMD 8-645-E1 EMD 16-645-E4C/F4B EMD 20-645-E5 EMD 8-645-E8
EMD 12-645-E1 EMD 20-645-E4C/F4B EMD 8-645-E7 EMD 12-645-E8
EMD 16-645-E1 EMD 8-645-E5 EMD 12-645-E7 EMD 16-645-E8
EMD 8-645-E4C/F4B EMD 12-645-E5 EMD 16-645-E7 EMD 8-645-E9B
EMD 12-645-E4C/F4B EMD 16-645-E5 EMD 20-645-E7 EMD 12-645-E9B

Beyond Spare Parts for Your EMD Engine

At Neptunus, our asset reliability solutions focus is on building enduring strategic partnerships with our clients, prioritizing long-term solutions over short-lived projects. Our spare parts services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, ensuring we provide the most cost-effective and sustainable replacement parts. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we assess requirements meticulously to offer the most advanced solutions available.

Today, we’ve supported our clients by utilizing our exclusive dual-class (ABS and IRS) authorized marine engine condition monitoring system, complemented by our in-house comprehensive oil quality management systems. These encompass a real-time oil condition monitoring system and a continuous kidney loop filtration system. Here are the ways we’ve assisted our clients:

  • Prevent engine breakdowns
  • Reduce the cost of engine maintenance
  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions from the engine

If you want to reach similar goals for your organization, schedule a “discovery call” with our specialists to see how we can assist you.

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In addition to being a trusted emd parts distributors, our expertise extends beyond specific engines. We offer a wide range of main engine spare parts from various reputable diesel engine brands. When it comes to spare parts for Wartsila engine
and Yanmar engine parts,
our efficient procurement ensures you access cost-effective solutions and a diverse selection to meet your needs. Moreover, our in-depth knowledge of caterpillar genuine parts
allows us to offer expert advice on the ideal components for your CAT engines, promoting optimal performance and durability. Whether you’re seeking machine spares
or specific spares for marine engines,
our comprehensive catalog streamlines the sourcing process, ensuring your operations run smoothly with the right parts on hand.

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