Main Engine, Auxillary Engine, and Genset Spare Parts

Main Engine Genset Spare Parts

Providing spare parts for Propulsion system, main engine, auxiliary engine and Genset are our expertise, and we are a trusted partner in the marine, oil, and gas industries. As the exclusive authorized distributor for renowned engine brands, including Niigata (owned by IHI Power Systems, Japan) and EMD (a Caterpillar Company, USA), we take pride in our 15+ years of dedicated service. Our commitment extends to being preferred partners for Cat main engine spare parts, ensuring that our customers benefit from top-notch quality and reliability.

Our in-house expertise ensures robust technical support and prompt response, guaranteeing that your genset spare parts needs are met with precision. What sets us apart is not only our commitment to quality but also our competitive pricing, coupled with a faster turnaround for long-lead main engine spare parts, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of end-users.

We excel in the strategic optimization of crucial auxillary engine spare parts lists required for  marine engine repairs and marine engine overhauls. Our expertise lies in delivering tailored solutions that enhance the efficiency of engine maintenance processes, ensuring both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Spare Parts Brands We Serve

Niigata Engine Spare Parts

With 15+ years of experience, we are the sole authorized distributor of Niigata Marine Engine Spare Parts by IHI Power Systems, Japan, providing competitive pricing and serving as the preferred Niigata distributor in India and the Middle East.

EMD Engine Spare Parts

As the exclusive authorized distributor, we specialize in supplying genuine Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) main engine and auxiliary engine spare parts, a renowned engine brand owned by Caterpillar Company, US

CAT Engine Spare Parts

We are one of the leading distributors of top-quality genuine Caterpillar (CAT) marine engine and genset spare parts, dedicated to serving offshore and marine asset owners in India, the Middle East, and Europe.

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