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Maintaining proper cylinder liner and surface finish is critical for optimal engine performance, efficiency, and longevity. Over time, cylinder liners can become worn or damaged, leading to increased friction, compromised sealing between the piston rings and liner walls, and excessive oil consumption.

Cylinder honing restores the ideal surface texture and crosshatch pattern on the liner, allowing the rings to seat correctly. This minimizes friction, prevents blow-by, optimizes compression and combustion efficiency, and reduces oil consumption – ultimately restoring engine performance, fuel economy, and service life.

Traditionally, cylinder honing has been a labor-intensive process requiring specialized skills and heavy equipment. However, with the automatic cylinder honing tool, a single operator can efficiently and accurately hone cylinder liners with pre-programmed technical specifications based on the specific engine model and OEM requirements.

At Neptunus, we specialize in providing high-precision cylinder honing services using the most advanced cylinder liner honing tool by Chris Marine HON A. The Hon A combines state-of-the-art honing technology with robust portability, enabling both workshop-based and in-situ honing services. This innovative tool can perform complete deglazing and honing of engine cylinder liners, restoring the surface structure. We offer the honing services as an add-on in major overhauling kits and separate services to diesel engine owners in India, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Why Choose Neptunus for Cylinder Honing Services?


We offer cylinder honing services at both workshop Read more

Superior Honing

Our technical experts use the cylinder liner honing machine Read more

Flexibility and

The cylinder liner honing machine offers adjustable Read more


The machine allows for adjustable stone pressures,Read more

Extended Liner
Service Life

Regular cylinder honing removes surface irregularities and restores Read more

Reduced Wear
and Tear

Our precise honing techniques help minimize friction and wearRead more


Our experienced technicians, using the versatile HON A honing tool Read more

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Features of Cylinder Honing Machine: HON A

  • Automatic Stroke Control: The honing machine can automatically control the stroke length, ensuring consistent and precise honing.
  • Adjustable Speed: Allows operators to adjust the honing speed based on the material being honed and the desired finish.
  • Multiple Stone Holders: HON A has the ability to hold multiple honing stones simultaneously, allowing for faster operation.
  • Variable Stone Pressure: It also have a ability to adjust the pressure applied by the honing stones onto the cylinder wall. This helps achieve the desired finish without damaging the surface.
  • Cross Hatch Angle Control: The cylinder honing machines allow operators to set the angle of the cross hatch pattern left on the cylinder wall after honing. This affects oil retention and ring seating.
  • Automatic Diameter Control: An advanced machine like HON A can measure the cylinder bore diameter during honing and adjust the process to achieve a precise diameter.

  • Coolant System: Many honing machines have built-in coolant systems to keep the honing stones and cylinder walls cool during the process, preventing overheating and improving efficiency.
  • Self-Dressing Stones: Honing machines have self-dressing honing stones that maintain their shape and cutting ability throughout the process, reducing downtime for stone changes.
  • Digital Display and Controls: The advanced honing machines often feature digital displays for easy monitoring of parameters like stroke length, speed, and pressure.

Engine Models Covered by Cylinder Honing Services

Neptunus’ cylinder honing services cater to a wide range of engine models, with bore sizes ranging from 210 to 290 mm and 320 to 500 mm. Some of the typical engines covered include:

  • Niigata HX, HLX, and AHX series
  • Wartsila 26, Wartsila 32, and Wartsila 46 series
  • MAN 4-stroke engines – 28/32, 32/40
  • MAN 2-stroke engines
  • Yanmar series of engines within the specified bore size ranges, such as N21, EY22, EY26, EY33, etc.
  • Other engine makes falling within the cylinder range categories of 210 to 290 mm and 320 to 500 mm bore sizes.

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Technical Specifications

Electric Power Supply 3-phase 380-415V 50/60Hz 2kW
Power Requirement 2 kW
Air Supply 0.6 – 0.9 MPa (6 – 9 bar or 85 – 130 psi), 2 l/min
Working Range 150 – 670 mm Type S 4-arms
Surrounding Temperature 0-45°C
Noise Level 80dB(A)
Honing Liquid We recommend the Chris-Marine honing liquid to achieve optimal honing results

Technical Specifications - Honing Head

Working Range Type S, 4-arms Type S2, 8-arms
• 150 – 200 mm S15/20
• 190 – 230 mm S19/23
• 210 – 290 mm S21/29
• 280 – 420 mm S28/42
• 320 – 500 mm S32/50 S2 32/50
• 490 – 670 mm S2 49/67

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Cylinder honing services by Neptunus

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Advantage of Cylinder honing by HON A over conventional approaches
(machine shop application and In-situ machining types)

Aspect Automatic Honing In-Situ Machining Types Machine Shop Application
Location It can be done at workshop or in place (in-situ) Limited to in-place operations Typically done in a dedicated machine shop
Attachment latest 4-arm attachment working precisely Often uses 3-arm attachments, potentially less precise Equipment may not always be the latest or most updated
Controls Automatic stroke control, adjustable speed/length Manual controls, potential for errors Manual controls with potential for errors
Stone Pressure Adjustable stone pressure It is difficult to maintain uniform pressure Operator proficiency is crucial for accurate settings
Precision Specify exact cross patch angle, removes scuffing Precision may be limited, potential for eccentricity Manual settings could disturb desired pattern
Output Consistency Consistent results due to automated controls Operator-dependent, varying results Dependent on operator skill and machine condition
Ease of Operation Relatively easy due to automated features Requires skilled operators and manual interventions skilled operator needed for accurate settings

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