Oil Filtration System


What Is Oil Filtration?

Oil filtration is the process of removing unwanted particles, impurities, and contaminants from lubricating oil used in machinery. The machinery’s lubricant is prone to contamination from a variety of sources, including dust, water, metals, and debris. The increased friction, wear, and strain caused by contaminated oil reduce the efficiency and lifespan of machinery. Therefore,  the need for oil filtration arises to ensure that the oil is pure and free of contaminants, thereby ensuring the longevity and reliability of machinery.

Overall, oil filtration is an important part of machine maintenance, and it’s essential to use the right type of filtration system to ensure that the oil stays clean and the machinery operates at its best.

Challenges Faced In The Maintenance Of Oil Quality

Vague Absolute Or Nominal Filter Ratings

Vague Absolute Or Nominal Filter Ratings

Absolute or nominal filter ratings for oil
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Component Wear And Tear Concern

Component Wear And Tear Concern.

If oil maintenance is not carried out regularly Read more

Frequent Oil

Changing oil too frequently can be Read more

Energy Efficiency And Cost Savings

Poor oil maintenance can reduce energy
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Minimize Carbon Footprint.

Due to higher energy consumption and Read more

Neptunus’ Oil Filtration System

Our oil filtration solution is an advanced system that provides continuous purification of oil in industrial machinery. It is designed to remove all types of contaminants.

Neptunus’ kidney loop filtration system draws oil from the oil reservoir and delivers it back to the reservoir after filtration. This helps in enhancing efficiency as it operates under below-ideal conditions such as reduced flow, minimal pressure, and no stress from flow and pressure pulsations.

Benefits Offered By Our Oil Filtration System


The continuous cleaning oil ensures
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Our filtration system is designed to
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Till 3µ with >400

Purifies the oil continuously upto 3μ Read more

Removes all Contaminants Including Water

Removes all
Including Water

Our filtration system is not limited to
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Increases Machine Lifespan


By keeping the oil clean and free of
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Minimizing Maintenance Requirements

Minimizing Maintenance Requirements

Because our filtration system keeps the oilRead more

Kidney Loop Filtration System vs. Online Filtration System

Kidney Loop Filtration System Online Filtration System
Process Circulates a small amount of fluid from the main system through a filter and back into the main system. Filters and cleans fluids in real-time as they are being used.
Impact On Machine Does not hinder the equipment’s operation. Causes resistance for oil flow to equipment’s internal components.
Damage To Machine The offline filtration system doesn’t cause resistance to oil flow inside equipment’s internal components. Damage to the filtration system or choking of filters can cause oil starvation and seize the equipment.
Type It is an offline filtration system. It is an online filtration system.

Oil Filtration Offered by Neptunus

Our oil filtration solution is designed to be versatile, effective on any type of oil in any application, and able to detect all types of wear and contamination. The following are the major applications of our oil filtration system.

From Prevention to Detection: Our OQMS Addresses the Bigger Problem

Oil filtration systems are essential for maintaining clean oil, but they don’t address the critical issue of detecting problems in the oil or the machine components it lubricates. Without effective detection, machines can suffer severe damage, leading to costly repairs and downtime.

That’s where our Oil Quality Management Solution (OQMS) comes in Picture. 

With OQMS, you can detect potential issues before they cause significant harm, ensuring the reliability of both your oil and your machine. OQMS is the ultimate solution for increasing the longevity and efficiency of your equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

Trend monitoring can be a more efficient and effective approach to maintenance compared to other methods, as it enables maintenance teams to identify potential issues by analyzing data patterns and insights. Unlike other methods, trend monitoring relies on a proactive and data-driven maintenance strategy.

Why Choose Neptunus?

Neptunus Power Plant Services Pvt. Ltd (founded on 24th June 1996) has 25+ years of experience in maintenance and reliability solutions for oil & gas, marine, industrial, and defence asset users across South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

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Oil filtration is one of the central components of asset condition monitoring management, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of oil and critical machinery components. Asset reliability management is a comprehensive strategy essential for optimizing machine maintenance.