About Neptunus

Neptunus Power Plant Services has over 26 years of experience in delivering proven, maintenance solutions to foremost oil & gas and marine asset users across India, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We facilitate energy-efficient maintenance solutions by using an IP-owned, class-approved condition monitoring technology that watches an engine in real-time and predicts faults months in advance.

Today, Neptunus Power has successfully delivered over 2500 maintenance projects to over 150 customers across industries in over 30 countries

Neptunus’ Asset Reliability Management Solution 

Engine Conditioning Monitoring System (ECMS) Case Studies

    • ECMS-Case Study 1-OQMS
    • ECMS-Case Study 2-Oil Filtration
    • ECMS-Case Study 3
    • ECMS-Case Study 4-EHD-Reducing Scope of Overhaul
    • ECMS-Case Study 5-EHD-Extending MTBO
    • ECMS-Case Study 6-EHD-Extending MTBO 2
    • ECMS-Case Study 7-EHD-On Time Deputation of rig
    • ECMS-Case Study 8-Project Management
  • ECMS-Oil Gas Case Study 9-Oil Filtration

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