The most advanced and unique technology solution brought to you by Neptunus. 

Today’s Industrial world is rapidly moving forward to the era of “Maintenance 4.0”. While Industries today want to move to run efficiently and extend machine/equipment life, they are also obliged to reduce operational costs. New technology is hard to source, complex, and requires skilled labor to adopt. 

At Neptunus, we combine age-old foundations of mechanical engineering with new-age cutting edge diagnostic technology that empowers asset operators to detect emerging faults in their equipment several months in advance so that they can make smarter; economically and environmentally optimal maintenance decisions while increasing both the efficiency and life-span of critical equipment.

ARM has three cutting edge technology pillars:

  1. Torsional Vibration FFT Analytics:

Torsional  Vibration FFT Analysis technology measures and analyzes the angular vibrations at its source i.e. on the main shaft. This is where the earliest manifestation of any emerging fault can be detected. This is like detecting cancer at Stage Zero!

  1. Holistic Oil Quality Management.

The Neptunus Solution for holistic oil quality management comprises Oil Cleaning + Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring.

  1. Remote Monitoring with IIoT.

Neptunus’s ARM solution is geared towards detecting issues with machines at a micro-level and not only at a macro level. The addition of IIoT & cloud enablement makes the machine health data available for remote monitoring via intuitive and customizable dashboards.

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