Asset Reliability Management Solutions


Asset Reliability Management Solutions that provide you with real-time, IIOT-enabled machine health monitoring to predict failures – similar to detecting cancer at Stage Zero!


Today’s Industry Challenge

Today’s Industrial world is rapidly moving forward to the era of “Maintenance 4.0”. While Industries today want to move to run efficiently and extend machine/equipment life, they are also obliged to reduce reduce operational costs. New technology is hard to source, complex and requires skilled labor to adopt. As a result, maintenance 4.0 is still a hazy term, with little clarity on how to integrate it with initiatives like smart manufacturing.

How Neptunus will solve it

At Neptunus, we combine age-old foundations of mechanical engineering with new-age cutting edge diagnostic technology that empowers asset operators to detect emerging faults in their equipment several months in advance so that they can make smarter; economically and environmentally optimal maintenance decisions while increasing both the efficiency and life-span of critical equipment. Our objective is to help our customers move further left of the PF Curve, as depicted in the graph below so that they have more time for corrective action before the equipment reaches breakdown point.
asset reliablity improvement daigram

Neptunus: Changing The Way Maintenance Is Done

Torsional vibration sensor

Today’s Industry Challenge:

  1. Traditional Vibration analysis methods  are outdated and not fool-proof    
  1. Today’s Condition Monitoring  is reactive, and doesn’t prevent breakdowns.

How Neptunus will solve it:

  1. The Alpha System: The world’s most advanced Predictive Diagnostic Tool
  2. Uses Torsional Vibration Analysis Services: Detects Cancer in your Equipment/Machine at Stage ZERO!
  3. Move from time based to condition based maintenance!
Condition monitoring solution for motors

Today’s Industry Challenge:

  1. Today, asset owners want to view all critical assets remotely    
  1. Integrating diagnostic hardware with IOT platform software for remote monitoring

How Neptunus will solve it:

  1. Designing customized dashboards to view your machine health data live
  2. Integrating your dashboard with our on-site IOT panel to enable remote access to your data
  3. IOT-Ready: Online oil condition monitoring through graphical dashboards
Oil condition monitoring system

Today’s Industry Challenge:

  1. No Objective method of measuring oil health quality   
  1. Oil Replacements are done arbitrarily and are very costly!

How Neptunus will solve it:

  1. Customized Bypass Oil Filtration Solutions upto 3 micron(99.75% accuracy)
  2. Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring based on  over 10 oil quality parameters
  3. Gives you rate of deterioration of your oil,so you can plan oil replacements optimally!
  4. Saves you costly oil replacements, and extends your equipment life

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