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Torsional Vibration FFT Analytics : The Future of Condition Monitoring

  • Challenges with Today’s Traditional Vibration Analysis Methods
  • Neptunus’ Vision
  • How Do We Achieve That?

Today, asset owners are faced with the challenge of extending equipment life whilst balancing and minimizing maintenance as well as downtime costs. Most of today’s vibration analysis is time-based rather than condition-based. As a result, the costs of downtime and breakdowns are rising even as expenditure on maintenance has increased. Solutions and technologies are either not accepted or are not as forthcoming. 

Most asset operators today measure vibrations through standard linear vibration sensors placed on the machine casing. Any fault in the machine will always have it’s earliest manifestations on the ‘shaft’ and it takes much longer for the effect to be felt on the machine casing. Hence, the linear vibrations measured on casing lag behind in fault detection. This is equivalent to detecting cancer at Stage 3! 

By the time linear vibrations are detected, the damage is already occurring on the equipment. Moreover, conventional vibration analytics is not operator friendly and needs a certified vibration expert to interpret the complex waveforms. 

Our vision is to help reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life through real-time machine health monitoring and diagnostics. We want customers to pre-empt equipment failures so maintenance cycles can be planned better. Through advanced predictive maintenance solutions, we want asset operators to only change what is faulty, thereby saving them maintenance costs as well as extending the life of their equipment.

Our Torsional  Vibration FFT Analysis technology measures and analyzes the angular vibrations at its source i.e. on the main shaft. This is where the earliest manifestation of any emerging fault can be detected.  This is like detecting cancer at Stage Zero! Unlike linear vibration analysis,  Neptunus’ Torsional FFT Analyzer gives you an alert of emerging faults, months before conventional vibration monitoring, and that too at the component level.

Our Value Addition

Eliminate Concept of Overhauls for Engines

  • Get cylinder-wise health diagnosis on diesel engines.
  • Trend Monitoring for engine health at different loads.
  • Through continuous course corrections, you can safely extend overhauls cycles, thereby extending engine life and performance.

One of a Kind Technology: Detect Equipment Cancer at Stage Zero!

  • World’s first technology that measures Torsional Vibration on engines and rotary equipment.
  • Special modules for different components such as motors, bearings, compressors, gearboxes, and diesel engines.
  • Earliest detection of vibrations: component-level diagnosis to pre-empt emerging faults.
  • Set trigger alarms for emerging faults months in advance!

Huge Savings on Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Eliminate needless replacements of spare parts and consumables like oil. Change only what is damaged.
  • Annual savings up to 20-30% on engine overhauls through data-backed continuous course corrections.
  • Better Spare Parts Inventory Management.

24*7 Access Through Remote Monitoring

  • Connect all your machines to a remote dashboard to have a graphical real-time health status of your equipment.
  • Receive end-to-end solutions for sensors, design architecture, sensor acquisition, edge computing, IoT storage, and system integration.
  • Integration with PLC, DCS, ERP.


  • Diesel Engines 
  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Bearings
  • Gearbox