Quick Job Completion Lead to Savings of Potential LD Charges of ~$50,000 for a Supply Vessel


Quick Job Completion Lead to Savings of Potential LD Charges of ~$50,000 for a Supply Vessel


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Overhauling of Niigata make ZP41 Z-peller assembly


Offshore service vessel with Niigata engine and Z-peller


  • Greatships Prachi, the offshore service vessel was to be deployed on a new offshore platform duty in 20 days
  • An overhauling of the Niigata make ZP41 Z-peller assembly was due for overhauling before new assignment
  • Standard time needed for overhaul was 30 days (or even more sometimes) which meant a possible delay in deployment that would have costed a huge LD payment to Greatships


  • Neptunus has been a preferred partner to Greatships for engine maintenance across their multiple vessels
  • Greatships team approached Neptunus and explained the challenge. The expectation was to complete the overhauling assignment on an expedited basis within the targeted time of 20 days
  • Neptunus quickly did the planning and mobilized the team with extra manpower to expedite the job
  • Neptunus’ back office team took care of the coordination with Greatships team and L&T Shipyard team (where the vessel was docked)
  • All necessary spare were readily made available from Neptunus’ stock inventory to save on time


  • Entire assignment was completed in 16 days, 25% faster than the challenging targeted completion date
  • Greatships could utilize the extra 4 days saved to complete other maintenance tasks and testing of vessel
  • The vessel could sail for the deployed task right on time
  • The planning, coordination and urgency shown by Neptunus helped Greatships save ~ $50,000 of LD charges