Walking Challenge Competiton 2021

In Jan 2021, we had organized “The Walking Challenge Competition” for our Neptunites. The contest was initiated for our team members to drive them towards a healthy lifestyle. And one of the simplest ways is by walking.

This competition was for 4 weeks and the winners would be amongst those top 3 who have walked the highest number of steps.

Team members who participated had to walk/run daily near their home and share their steps count with the HR team.

And finally, we had our winners:
1st – Gulab Yadav (Total Steps: 639,593)
2nd – Akshay Purohit (Total Steps: 393,458)
3rd – Sheetal Sata (Total Steps: 381,854)

Congratulation to our winners and also the participants for taking part in the contest and showing their dedication to improving their health and fitness.