Neptunus at ADIPEC 2023.We are all set to roll. Our products are in place. We look forward to engaging in conversations with folks at ADIPEC. We are here with the aim of introducing an advanced maintenance solution with the goal of fostering reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


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Date :-
2nd Oct to 5th Oct 2023

Time :-
10:00 am to 6:00pm IST

Venue :-
Hall No.1,
Stall No. 1111, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

What is ADIPEC?

ADIPEC, a global forum led by ADNOC, serves as a unifying force for the energy industry’s concerted efforts to expedite the transition to a low-carbon future while safeguarding the resilience of our energy infrastructure.

The Theme for ADIPEC 2023 is “Decarbonising. Faster. Together.”

Over 2,200 exhibiting companies, 54 NOCs, IOCs, NECs and IECs and 30 international exhibiting country pavilions will come together between 2-5 October 2023 to tackle some of the most pressing energy issues, advance decarbonisation and future-proof our energy system.

Embracing the overarching theme of ‘Decarbonize with Unity,’ ADIPEC leverages its rich history spanning nearly four decades to cultivate an environment of collaboration, bringing together diverse stakeholders from across the energy spectrum and neighboring sectors. This harmonious convergence drives the formation of transformative alliances and ignites innovative approaches that will pave the way for a cleaner, more reliable energy landscape.


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We are offering Complimentary Remote Support And Engine Health Inspection

What is the Objective of ADIPEC 2023?

The objective of the ADIPEC 2023 are as following:

  • Charting a course for enhanced energy security by orchestrating a worldwide shift towards sustainable, low-carbon energy sources. Unveiling the pivotal role played by the energy sector in navigating the climate roadmap.
  • Mobilizing financial resources and investments to fortify the foundations of a secure energy future. Cultivating widespread industry engagement and cooperation to cultivate an emission-free value chain.
  • Embarking on the vital journey towards industrializing groundbreaking energy solutions and cutting-edge technologies, setting the stage for a future powered by innovation and sustainability.
  • Attracting and nurturing the brightest minds and skilled professionals to not only thrive during the energy transition but to lead the charge towards a sustainable and prosperous energy landscape of tomorrow.

About Neptunus

Neptunus Power Plant Services Pvt. Ltd (founded on 24th June 1996) has 25+ years of experience in maintenance and reliability solutions for oil & gas, marine, industrial, and defence asset users across South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Our Solutions

Engine condition monitoring system

Engine condition monitoring system is an advanced, class-approved technology that identifies existing and emerging faults months in advance, giving enough time to prevent any catastrophic unplanned breakdown

Oil quality management solution

Oil quality management solutions enhance oil and engine performance through continuous oil cleaning with depth filtration and Senses oil quality changes in real time based on 22 parameters

Engine, Propulsions System Maintenance And Spare Parts

Trusted partner for genuine parts, maintenance, and service of engines, propulsion systems, and auxiliary equipment from leading brands including Niigata (OEM Authorized), EMD(OEM Authorized), CAT, MAN, Wartsila, and Yanmar.”

TorqueSense: Torque and Power Measurement

Torque sense offers precise torque and power measurement with unmatched reliability, no speed limits, and enhanced emission control.

Case Studies

ECMS Helped Eliminate 1 Complete TOH And Savings of 73% on MOH Spares with Real-Time Monitoring
ECMS Assisted in Fault Finding to Extend MOH Which Otherwise Costs ~$2,50,000 for 7 Vessels
Continuous Health Monitoring of Engine saved~$54,000 and enabled a revenue of ~$750,000over one month by enabling on-time deputation of rig

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