Engine Condition Monitoring Helps ICGS Patrol the Coastline with Precision


India has a long coastline. The Indian Coast Guard has the responsibility of securing our national security and economic interests. A prognostic and diagnostic approach to monitoring patrol vessel engine health ensures the reliability of the equipment to undertake this demanding challenge.

Industry Segment


Arm Solution

Engine Condition Monitoring


Coast Guard Ship


Provide accurate data on the current overall mechanical and operating condition of the engines and long-term trends of key engine parameters.

Highlights Of Our Product

Advanced prognostics and diagnostics system for engine health monitoring using a single non-intrusive sensor.

Pin-point existing And Emerging Faults At The Component level

The System Uses Two Non-Invasive MPU Sensors.

Engine Agnostic i.e. can be installed on any engine

Increased Uptime of Engines

Scientifically Extend Overhaul Intervals with Significant Cost Savings

Remote Monitoring of all Assets Under a Single Central Command

Evaluation Process

  • The system was installed and operated by the Coast Guard for a period of six months.
  • During the trial period, the system accurately pinpointed emerging defects that were appropriately addressed to by the ship’s crew.


Provides reliable data that can be used to extend unnecessary overhauls.

Helps to accurately identify mechanical and operating conditions at different power loads.

Provides engine health data at the component level.


After evaluation by High Command, the system has now been put up for procurement.