Niigata Spare Parts

Niigata Engine Spare Parts

Neptunus is the sole authorized distributor of Niigata Engine Parts with the most competitive pricing( owned by IHI Power Systems, Japan). We have been a preferred niigata distributor in India and South Asia for 15+ years now, and we currently serve customers in India and the Middle East. East. 

Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality genuine parts for your Niigata engines, ensuring the utmost reliability, sustainability, efficiency, and performance. Our team of seasoned experts is well-equipped to assist you in finding the perfectly matched Niigata parts for your fleet, drawing from decades of extensive knowledge of Niigata engines. Dedicated to sourcing and delivering genuine, high-quality spare parts, we take pride in supporting our customers with a comprehensive product portfolio and individualized solutions. 

Specializing in supplying genuine spare parts for Niigata engines at competitive prices, we invite you to reach out for the best quote for your Engine Spare Parts requirements.

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Niigata Engine Spare Parts Offering at Neptunus:

Complete New Niigata ENgin

Complete New Engine

As authorized distributors of Niigata, we offer complete new Niigata engines Read more

Engine Overhaul Kits

Neptunus provides major overhauls and top overhaul kits for Niigata engines,Read more

Niigata Component repair

Repaired Spare Parts

We specialize in repairing Niigata engine spares, offering a sustainable Read more

Upgrades and Retrofits

We focus on enhancing sustainability with the Niigata engine and its spare parts Read more

Spare Parts Optimization

In Niigata engine parts procurement, our team ensures that customers order precisely what they need. We use our proprietary ABS-approved marine engine monitoring system to determine the exact requirements. This optimized approach not only simplifies inventory management but also cuts costs, delivering a customized and efficient solution tailored to meet specific engine requirements

Why Buy Niigata Engine Spare Parts From Neptunus?

High-Quality CAT Genuine Parts

Specially Discounted Niigata Engine Spare Parts

Competitive Pricing

Genuine And High-Quality Spare Parts From Our Niigata Consumable Stock List

Quick Turnaround Time For Delivery

Strong Technical Support Through In-House Niigata Expertise

Optimize Cat Spare Parts List for Overhauls

Emergency Niigata Spares Availability

Valid Warranty And Support

Optimize The Spare Parts List For Overhauls

Niigata Assets Spare Parts

  • Niigata Main Engine Parts:

Get an extensive selection of main engine spare parts, ensuring dependable performance and an extended lifespan tailored to the specific requirements. 

  • Niigata Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts:

Our Niigata engine spare parts are designed to seamlessly support main engine operations. These genuine spares ensure the continuous and smooth functioning of auxiliary systems.

We have Spare Parts for the following Niigata Engine Model Number:

8L28HLX 6MG28BX 6L28HX 6L25HX 16V32CLX
6PA5L 6MG28AHX 6L28BXE 6L25CX 16PA5V
6NSE-G 6MG25BX 6L28BX 6L22HLX 12V32CX
6NSD-M 6MG16X-A 6L28AHX 6L13A 12V32CLX
6MG31EZ 6L34HX 6L26HLX 16V34HLX

Other Niigata Assets Spare Parts

  • Z-peller spare parts 

Elevate your maritime capabilities with our spare parts for z-pellers. Our components are engineered to enhance maneuverability, ensuring precision and reliability in critical propulsion applications.

We have Spare Parts for the following Niigata Z-peller Model Number:

ZP-31B ZP-31 ZP-31CL ZP-41
ZP-41A ZP-51CPCL ZP-2A-1 ZP-41CL
ZP-21CL ZP-21/2A ZP-21/3A ZP-21
  • Spare parts for Nico Clutch:

We offer Nico (Niigata) clutch spare parts that are tailored to deliver reliable performance, enhancing the efficiency of your engine’s engagement and disengagement processes.

  • Electrical & Automation:

Neptunus gives top-notch Niigata spare parts for electrical and automation systems. Ensuring precision and reliability in vital components, these parts play a pivotal role in optimizing your engine’s performance, contributing to operational efficiency and safety.

Would You Be Interested In Customized Niigata Spares List?

Get best quote for Niigata spare parts requirements

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