Timely job completion saved potential loss ofrevenue of ~$40,831


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Timely job completion saved potential loss of revenue of ~$40,831


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Overhauling of Kawasaki engine


Kawasaki engine side thruster


  • Breakdown of the Kawasaki engine side thruster
  • The customer was looking for a genuine and component service provider because the OEM was not available to do the overhaul
  • The overhaul was a time constraint and the identification and validation of the spare parts were needed as it was taken from the second-hand vessel.
  • Neptunus never did the overhauling of the Kawasaki engine before and the job required us to supervise another maintenance team with whom we had never worked before


  • Neptunus’ service team assessed the situation and did the risk assessment. We were confident enough to complete the assignment due to our level of expertise in overhauling 50+ vessels.
  • Accordingly, the following tasks were completed by the vessel engineering team:
    1. Studying the manual of the engine
    2. Authenticating the spare parts
    3. Drawings prepared for surveyor approvals and certification completed
    4. Creation of the technical as well as commercial documents to supervise the maintenance team
  • We completed the overhaul and received the appreciation letter from the customer and they will prefer Neptunus for their upcoming projects soon.


  • If the problem would not have been resolved immediately, the vessel could have been off-hired for 4 weeks. So with a timely solution, Neptunus saved a potential loss of revenue of ~$40,836 (assuming 30 days of off-hire)
  • The customer saved ~$6125 for the overall service charges by opting for our service which is fairly reasonable if compared to the OEMs.