Revolutionizing Marine Shaft Power Measurement: Neptunus Power’s Successful Trials of ‘TorqueSense’.We are pleased to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Neptunus Power. Last week, we successfully completed trials of our innovative Torque Module, ‘TorqueSense,’ on the IAC Vikrant, India’s first indigenously built Aircraft Carrier.Conventional shaft power systems employed strain gauges and slip rings for shaft measurement. However, these systems are plagued with reliability issues and demand extensive maintenance.In an industry first, ‘TorqueSense’ utilizes two non-powered sensors, eliminating the need for moving parts and complicated electronics. The system has in-built ML and can learn to auto-calibrate within a few hours of installation. We have thus successfully overcome the challenges associated with traditional systems, offering a high-reliability solution with a system accuracy of +/- 1%.Our breakthrough technology has wide-ranging applications across the Marine Industry, Not only will it measure shaft power, it can be adapted with Shaft Power Limiting Systems.We are happy to dedicate this success as our contribution to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ We are steadfast in our commitment to contribute to a self-reliant India, through our continuous drive for innovation and excellence.