Revenue Generation of ~$4 MN over three months Enabled Under Severe Time Constraints


Industry Segment

Oil & Gas

Arm Solution

Maintainance Services-Major Overhaul


Caterpillar make diesel engines


  • Rig owner had only 45 days in hand to complete Major Overhaul on four nos. of CAT 35 series engines.
  • Rig was located at Dubai Dry dock and the above timeline included supply of required spares
  • If the deadline was missed, there could have been a delay of over 90 days. This could have been a huge opportunity loss for the rig owner.
  • Due to space constraint inside engine room, at a time not more than two engines could be worked upon
  • In a similar situation previously, the rig owner had suffered 90 days deputation delay due to the inability of the local service provider to finish the job on time.


  • Neptunus has been a preferred partner to this customer in India. The customer trusted Neptunus to handle this challenging assignment in the UAE.
  • Neptunus’ project management team ensured mobilization of two service teams and delivery of required spares at site on time.
  • The teams overcame some teething problems pertaining to cramped space and labour shortage to manage movement of critical components like the crankshaft, old power packs, alternators & other old spares.
  • With the teams working almost 17 hours a day & with strong project management overhauling was completed on the 40th day. It took two more days to complete load trials & hand over the engines to the customer.


  • Rig owner deputed the rig on time and this enabled revenue of 90 days * $45,000 = $4mn
  • For the rig owner, the cost of engine overhauling by Neptunus was lesser than the local service provider.
  • The rig owner could also protect his reputation by delivering on the commitment to the charterer.