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Recycled Non-Ferrous Alloys

Neptunus exports over 2000 tonnes annually of grease-free, furnace ready material-ranging from Cu3 Propeller Scrap, CuPro Nickel and Superalloys to over 12 countries across the world within promised timelines and extremely competitive prices.


Your Trusted Supplier for Non-Ferrous Alloys

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Why choose Neptunus

The Indian Scrap market (non-ferrous metals) had been unorganized for a long time, with no dedicated network or industry association for suppliers and buyers alike. Indian suppliers were notorious for being unreliable in terms of accuracy of composition and sizing, delivery timelines and unstable pricing. In 2008, We at Neptunus sought an opportunity to fill this reputation gap in the non-ferrous metal trading business by leveraging our decade-strong experience, track record, and reputation of being Machine/Engine Reliability experts in the Offshore, Marine and Industrial sectors.

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What we do

Neptunus fires furnaces across the world through the supply of high quality, ready to use Cu3 propellor material, CuNi 90/10 & 70/30, Millberry scrap. Neptunus supplies recycled metals to foundry owners across the world, and prides itself of consistently delighting customers by delivering quality, furnace ready material, within promised timelines, at super competitive prices!

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Our working principals

We are not merely traders, we are service providers and owners of the material we sell. We take full ownership of the material we source at our India and UAE warehouses. We bear all expenses of cutting, processing and testing; and build trust in our customers by sending them a sample of the material we procure before asking them for a commitment to buy. Through our dedicated team of loaders, our laboratory testing processes, and our commitment to delivering consistently high-quality products, Neptunus delivers ready to use material free of grease, paint, and oil. We pride ourselves on delighting customers through customized services that suit our customers’ needs and delivering clean, pure materials on time, every time. 

Our Value Addition

Accurate, Pure, Tested

All our material is pre-tested at Government of India approved laboratories for accurate composition and weight testing. These lab results are sent to our customers at our own cost, along with tested sample pieces for their approval.  Only once our customers are satisfied with the samples, do we ship our containers. This has earned us their trust, with all our customers staying loyal to us over the last 14 years.

We deliver what we promise

From purchase orders, inspection reports, and customer feedback forms, to existing order tracking, export documents, and shipping bills: you can see it all on our Cloud-based dashboard. This gives our customers real-time data about their contracts with us and the status of their orders, saving them the hassle of following up for documents and reports separately. With Neptunus, you truly get what you see!

You get what you want

We pride ourselves on being exceptional service providers. We have turned a commodity like scrap metal into a value-added service for our customers. Each piece is cut to size as per customer requirements. Each piece is punched with a unique identification number. We then apply unique stickers that ensure easy visibility. This makes it easy for our customers to track material while unloading, as well as makes the sorting process hassle-free. This ensures that pieces of different composition are not mixed up during supply and can be used in different batches during production. Our commitment to service ensures our customers can plan purchases better, stock inventory seamlessly without disrupting production schedules

We keep your furnaces firing always

All our material is clean and devoid of any oil, grease or contaminants (up to 0.5%). Our stringent process control ensures that the material is always “Furnace Ready” saving our customers’ time and cleaning costs.

Industries we serve

Ingot Manufacturers
Continuous Casting Manufacturers
Propeller Manufacturers

Products we Serve


We are  India’s leading exporter of Cu3 propeller scrap. Size range covers 200 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 mm, 600 x 1000 mm and 1500 x 1500 mm.

CUNI 90/10 & CUNI 70/30

We procure high quality, tested material  from certified suppliers across the Middle East and South Asia


Sourced from scrap dealers across the world

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