Health Monitoring System Saved ~$54,000 & Enabled a Revenue of ~$750,000 over one month by enabling on-time deputation of Rig


Industry Segment

Oil and Gas

Arm Solution

Engine Health Diagnostics through torsional vibration solution


Caterpillar make diesel engines


  • During the 2nd Top End Overhaul on a CAT 35 Series engine, damage marks were observed on crankshaft
  • The rig owner wanted to deploy the rig for a new contract in 10 days time but a spare crankshaft wasn’t available
    & it was not possible to send out the crankshaft for inspection, repair & get it back on time


  • Neptunus has been a preferred partner to this customer for engine maintenance across their multiple rigs
  • In consultation with the rig owner & operations team, Neptunus did the in situ repair on the damaged part.
  • After the engine was assembled, we installed our torsional vibration monitoring solution permanently on the rig to continuously monitor the health of the engine. This gave the customer greater confidence that no risk was being taken. The key parameters of engine health were found to be within allowable limits.
  • This technology enables very early warning of an emerging fault so that the rig maintenance team is able to plan the corrective action well in time and not let the engine reach breakdown stage.
  • The system served on this rig for the contract period of 8 months & there was no breakdown on the engine.


  • Direct savings of $54,000 by avoiding the replacement of the crankshaft
  • Customer was able to depute the rig on time, instead of a potential 1 month delay. This enabled revenue of 30 days * $25,000 = $750,000 and better cash flow management. 
  • Additional benefits by reducing the downtime of repairs by 90% and increasing the availability of the rig.
  • Customer was able to avoid penalty charges due to delayed deputation
  • Automated continuous monitoring allowed the rig and technical teams to focus on the core drilling operations rather than
    worry about the uncertainty of engine reliability.1