Induced Faults Accurately Identified for Airforce Engine with Engine Condition Monitoring System by Neptunus


The Air Force has several legacy engines and generators, some over 40 years old. These are employed for sustaining field operations. The availability of spares and reliability of equipment is a challenge for the Air Force base workshops today. In order to address these problems, the Air Force is testing Neptunus’ Made in India Condition Monitoring Technology.

Vib360, our innovative (made-in-India) technology, underwent multiple tests (from October 18 to October 24, 2021) on these engines and generator sets at their repair base and was proven to be compatible and accurate with all of them.

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Arm Solution

Engine Condition Monitoring




Test the accuracy of data when tested for different types of engines at BRD. as well as pinpoint faults in the engine

Highlights Of Our Product

Easy To Install And Operate

Pin-point existing And Emerging Faults At The Component level

Remote Monitoring of all Assets Under a Single Central Command

Increased uptime of


Scientifically Extend Overhaul Intervals with Significant Cost Savings

Evaluation Process

  • Trials were performed at 7BRD (Base Repair Depot) – Airforce
  • Our engine condition monitoring system trialed on used and overhauled greaves cotton TBDv8 and used PES-100 russian engines at 70 KW load each
  • Tests were conducted by inducing faults in them.

Discovery/Insights from Our System

  • The system accurately detected 8 fuel cut-off trials conducted on one to two randomly selected individual engine cylinders.

  • It also correctly identified units with leaky compression during partial decompression trials.

  • Apart from these induced faults, it also identified other affected cylinders that were impacted due to fuel cutoff-induced overloading.

  • The torsional angle indicator highlighted uneven torque caused by fuel cut-off, resulting in increased engine vibration and affecting the system’s mount indicator


It was proven that the system can be used to accurately pinpoint defects such as fuel cutoff from a specific engine or a compression leak.

It provides reliable data that can be used to extend unnecessary overhauls.

The solution can be used for any type of engine


As a result of the successful trial conducted, an order was placed for a portable unit that would be customized for Air Force applications