Diagnostic Prior to Rig Deputation Enabled ~$900,000 in Revenue Over 6 months and Saved ~$20,000 Due to Extension of Overhaul by 2000 hrs


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Engine Condition Monitoring: Health Diagnostics


Caterpillar Diesel Engines


  • Repeated breakdowns on the 7 nos Caterpillar engines (Series 35 & 34) across the 11 land rigs
  • These breakdowns were impacting the drilling performance.
  • A local service provider advised Top End Overhaul on 3 nos. 3512 & some repair activities like injector replacement,
    turbocharger replacement, cylinder head replacements on the other engines.


  • Neptunus’ expert advised for Engine Health Diagnostics using torsional vibration analysis. The objective was to ascertain the problem & recommend the optimal servicing and spare parts to prevent the breakdowns.
  • Neptunus’ team went onboard & carried out the engine health inspection through remote engine monitoring systems


  • Since MTBO was extended by 2000 hours (20% extension), life cycle cost was reduced by (⅕)*$50,000 per engine = $10,000
    per engine, resulting in savings of $20,000 for two engines.
  • The repair saved 10 days compared to overhaul, and breakdowns were completely eliminated.
  • The drilling performance improved. Rigs were able to complete wells on time & the charterer extended the contract of one
    rig by a period of 6 months .This enabled revenue of 180 days * $5,000 = $900,000