Diagnostic Prior to Rig Deputation Enabled ~$1.5 mn in Revenue Over 2 months and Saved ~$106,000 Due to Extension of Overhaul by 6000 hrs


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Oil and Gas

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Engine Condition Monitoring: Health Diagnostics


EMD diesel engines


  • 2 nos. EMD 12V-645-E8 engines were due for a 30K hours overhaul but the rig owner had a budget constraint.
  • The new drilling contract for this rig was finalized and the commissioning was due in a short time.
  • Technical team was uncertain about the health of the engines to go with the new contract


  • Neptunus has been a preferred partner to this customer for engine maintenance across their multiple rigs
  • Neptunus’ expert advised for pre-overhaul diagnostics using torsional vibration analysis . The objective was to optimize the spare parts and consumables needed as against the standard 30k overhaul costs
  • Neptunus’ team went onboard & carried out the engine health inspection with our torsional vibration tool.
  • The report data showed that the condition of the inspected engines was satisfactory for operating, and the overhaul could be extended by at least 2000 hours
  • This data from our engine condition monitoring system helped the customer confidently get into a new contract without doing an overhaul.
  • Eventually, the overhauls were safely extended to 36000 running hours.


  • Customer was able to depute the rig on time, instead of a potential 2 month delay. This enabled revenue of 60 days * $25,000 = $1.5mn, and better cash flow management.
  • Since MTBO (mean time between overhaul) was extended by 6000 hours (20% extension), life cycle cost was reduced by (⅕)*$160,000 per engine = $32,000 per engine, resulting in savings of $64,000 for two engines.
  • Cost of capital at 10% of $320,000 for one year = $32,000.
  • Since MTBO was extended, the Customer saved ~$10,000 on logistics and manpower costs since overhauls did not need to be done in offshore drilling positions.
  • It allowed the rig and technical teams to focus on the core drilling operations rather than worry about the uncertainty of engine reliability.