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Indian Army Approved Technology for its Accurate Fault Detection in the Armored Tank Engine, Even in Tough Terrain Conditions.


The Army is tasked with updating its legacy fleet of armoured vehicles with cutting-edge technology to meet modern battlefield demands and ensure reliability. Our compact innovation, with its ability to work with any engine in the cramped machinery space in the tank, may prove to be a game-changer. The technology has already been tested, approved, and procured by various arms of the Indian Defense Forces. It is currently being evaluated by the US Navy.

Industry Segment


Arm Solution

Engine Condition Monitoring


War Tank Vehicle


 To test the ability of ecms  to provide accurate data & capability of pinpointing existing and emerging faults in an armoured vehicle engine

Highlights Of Our Product

Made In

Easy To Install And Operate

Pin-points emerging defects, logistics made simple.

Remote monitoring of all assets under a single central command, a significant wartime advantage.

Increased uptime
of engines

Simple Faults Attended on The Field.


Scientifically extend overhaul intervals with significant cost savings

Evaluation Trials Of Our Technology

  • Extensive test bench and field trials were conducted by the army at Base Workshop, MCME, and in the field during military exercises on all A Vehicles.
  • Our engine condition monitoring systems was tested by inducing faults.
  • The accuracy and ruggedness of the technology were established and validated.


Meets the Army’s requirements for a futuristic technology for Condition Monitoring.

Technology can accurately pinpoint faults in any type of A-vehicle engine.

It is rugged and ready to be deployed in harsh environments