Neptunus: Top 10 promising IoT solution provider in India

Neptunus has been featured and listed as one of India’s top 10 Most Promising Industrial IoT Solution Providers 2020 by CIO Review Magazine. Over the last year or so we have worked towards creating a niche for ourselves within the Industry 4.0 space by developing technology-focused solutions to solve industry’s biggest pain today: eliminating unplanned breakdowns through better data mining of critical machinery in real-time. We empower our customers to utilize the right data by doing the most basics right: providing the right data at the right time. At Neptunus, the wheel of innovation is forever turning, for today’s technology marvel fast becomes obsolete tomorrow. Read Full Article Here:

Water is the Biggest Enemy of Lube Oil

Water can be regarded as the #1 enemy of the lube oil as it damages the oil by affecting its lubrication efficiencies. It further causes severe damage to the engine components by being the root cause of corrosion and friction. The consequent losses are huge.

Therefore, it is paramount that operators reduce water contamination as much as possible. Experts advise the use of holistic oil quality management as the right solution—that comprises online oil condition monitoring for the early detection of water ingress and a high-efficiency depth filtration system for effective removal of water from the oil.