Understanding the Causes & Impact of Misalignment on Shell Bearing Lifespans

Let’s understand the causes of misalignment on reduced shell bearing lifespans.

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1. Equipment Alignment

Proper equipment alignment is paramount for the smooth functioning of your fleet's engine. When engines are not correctly aligned through coupling (alternator/ shaft/ clutch),it can lead to excessive strain on the shell bearings, resulting in premature failures.

2. Misalignment of Main Bearing Bores

Bearings can fail because the main bearing bores are not aligned. With misaligned bores, the crankshaft journal may rotate at an angle in the bore. Angular rotation causes heavy loads on a small area of the bearing and a decreased oil film at the edges of the bearing.

if a bore is only slightly misaligned, the bearing may conform to the position of the journal. However, as with a bad journal profile, the bearing may be more sensitive to debris or other problems.

Misalignment is crucial in bearing maintenance as it contributes to a substantial 12.6% of failures, impacting both bearing longevity and engine performance.

Preventive bearing misassembly and Extending bearing life is crucial for minimizing engine downtime, reducing maintenance costs.

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